How to imagine an amazing brand (or rebrand!)

Does your business need a brand? This might seem like a silly question, but establishing the reasons why your business needs a brand in the first place is important. Whether you’re thinking of rebranding or setting up a new business, an amazing brand can be a strong foundation for your business’s success.


Your brand is a way to immediately establish uniqueness. Surely, you’ve seen brands before that have made you think “wow” – having a great brand is an opportunity for your business to do the same!


A clean and professional brand is the first step to show your clients that you’ve put in the effort to make a good first impression.


You want your clients to enjoy interacting with your business at every step of the way. Having a beautiful brand intuitively reminds your clients why they chose your business at all 

Don’t just ask whether these are things that your business cares about (they probably are) — also ask yourself why they matter. A brand is a lot of things for an entrepreneur – it’s a visual identity, a way to connect with your ideal customer, and a medium for communicating the individual qualities of your business. Although there are lots of individual items to consider when constructing your brand  — like your color palettes, your logo, and other stylistic elements that you can use in your marketing — all of these items require cohesion and careful planning to truly make your business stand out . We’re offering this free guide for you to imagine what you want out of your brand as you map out your ideas so you can make the most out of them.


What can you provide that no other brand can provide? Think of the key qualities of your brand, and what you want your customer’s first impression of your brand to be.

It’s likely that your customers will have some context for what your organisation offers before they see your brand for the first time, but your branding should still be relevant to the 


Try to put yourself in the shoes of your perfect customer. What will they want out of your business? How will you establish trustworthiness?

3. start some abstract thinking

Here are some of the questions we ask our clients to better understand what they want out of their brand:

What words would you associate with your brand?

What metaphors or concepts describe your brand?

What actor/actress would be perfect to play your brand? Why?

What kind of car would your brand be?

What animal would represent your brand?

Although these questions may not seem immediately helpful to your branding process (maybe you don’t want an animal or a car in your logo!), they help you get creative, think outside of the professional/business box and think about how your brand FEELS. Because what your brand feels like is what will attract your ideal customers. Your brand isn’t just a pretty logo that visually aligns with your audience. It has to communicate your values and the best way to do that is through emotion.

Having professional and consistent branding is not just a first step for establishing legitimacy and convenience in your brand — it’s an ongoing process that should remind your customer at each point of interaction of why they have chosen your business. If you want to have a deeper and more specific conversation about what kind of branding your business needs, we’d love to help out at kesvn studio. Please reach out here for a design consultation.

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