Three free resources to inspire your website

Here are three free resources that offer a wealth of choice for your creative decisions – so you can start imagining great things for your website before pulling out your wallet.

Google fonts – free typefaces optimised for the web!

Google Fonts can help you find quality fonts that will up-level your website. The interface for browsing fonts lets you sort them by various categories and put in your custom sample text to test out the fonts in real-time. It even suggests popular pairings with any font you choose, making it easier for you to make well-balanced font choices. You can download the fonts for free or connect them with your website service (Psst – WordPress supports using these fonts fantastically! )

Tip: Make sure to select only the font and weight (thickness) you need so you don’t impact your site speed). Consider looking into site optimizers if you run into speed issues. Do a site test at

Unsplash – free high-quality photographs!

Do you hate the typical cheesy stock photos? Do you often find the perfect image only to find out you need to license it? 

Stop pining over watermarked photos and check out Unsplash.

It has a fantastic collection of high-quality photography that you can use for free without permission or attribution. Photos are sorted by thematic categories and can also be searched through with keywords. Unsplash is a powerful tool for choosing images to make the impact you want your website to make.

The noun project – free icons!

Icons can powerfully support your text and offer hierarchy to your users when browsing your website. These icons are simple and beautiful, and there are so many to choose from that you’re sure to find something that speaks to what you’re communicating. They’re free under a Creative Commons license to be downloaded as image files (.png or .svg under the free plan). 

Tip: make sure to use icons from the same creator or collection to keep everything consistent!

Altogether, these resources can help you build your site (or even make posts for Instagram). If you’re having trouble putting it all together – or if you want a bouncing board for all your ideas – we’d love to help! Reach out for a free design consultation here.

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